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WHO IS Marco?

Marco Bussa is the most followed consultant specialized in the growth of beauty salons in Italy. In just 3 years he has changed the rules of this industry, thanks to an innovative use of social media and to revenue maximization strategies that other coaches and consultants have never shared.


Creator and founder of Hairdresser of the Future, he has helped thousands of hairdressers achieve the professional and personal freedom they sought, to stand out from the competition and earn more without becoming slaves to their jobs.

The 7 Forces of the Hairdresser of the Future Protocol records an average growth of over 70% in the salons that apply it.


Marco Bussa is the only coach and consultant that is totally free from companies.




The 7 Forces

The 7 Forces of the Hairdresser of the Future Protocol allowed Marco’s clients to increase their revenue by an average of 40% (with peaks exceeding 86%), without having to work even one minute more. The 7 Forces Protocol is made up of techniques and practical strategies that you can apply right away to stand out, emerge in your area and increase your profits.


The Bussa Protocol

The book for hairdressers who want to increase the profits of their salon, win the competition and no longer be slaves to their work.

In this book you will discover the 7 Forces, those tools you will need to reach that next level you have been dreaming of for a long time.

Word-of-mouth is Dead

Discover strategies to keep up with the times, grow your business steadily and thrive in a market saturated with competitors.

In this extraordinary manual I will show you, through specific data, what works and what no longer works to keep up with the times, grow your business steadily and win in a market saturated with competitors.


Millionaire Mindset

This is the program that allows you to install new paradigms into your mind, that are suitable for success and wealth.

The paradigms are nothing more than the set of beliefs that you have developed since childhood, and which have helped to shape your vision of the world. And since your vision of the world conditions you, it is necessary to remove the old paradigms that are not functional to the creation of success and wealth, and insert virtuous ones.

Is it possible to reprogram one’s mind? Yes, and this is exactly what happens automatically after an emotional shock (such as a serious accident or bereavement) or a path of hypnosis.

But there is a third way, less invasive and that we can control 100%. In this video course Marco will guide you, through the Repetition method, in the process of removing your old paradigms, and in the creation of your new Millionaire Mindset.

Revenue Maximizers

It is a set of advanced programs containing all the essential techniques and strategies to increase the profits of your salon, and at the same time free up your time.

In Hairdresser of the Future a method assumes the definition of “Protocol” only when it has been tested and optimized for a sufficient time, and therefore perfected.

The Revenue Maximizers category Protocols are characterized by immediate applicability, and show you step-by-step how to:

  • Increase sales of high margin treatment packages (Revenue Duplication Protocol);
  • Increase customer retention (Fidelity Protocol);
  • Organize themed events for selected and high-spending customers (Triple Revenue Events Protocol);
  • Acquire new target customers by exploiting collaboration with other businesses (Partnership Protocol);
  • Bring back customers you haven’t seen in months (Customer Reactivation Protocol).

Selling to the Rich

Selling to the Rich is the new video course by Marco Bussa designed to multiply the profits of your salon by attracting high spending customers.

Selling to the Rich is designed for hairdressers who are REALLY serious, who want to change their life, both professionally and personally.

If you study and apply what you will find in the video course, you will have several wealthy customers in your salon and your investment will be highly repaid.

Revenue Duplication Protocol

The protocol that every hairdresser should know to multiply their profits up to 5 times even in times of crisis and recession.

This Protocol represents an unfair advantage towards the competition that will get stuck in the crisis, while you will be projected at least 10 years forward.

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